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About Student Artist Jayne X.20/Female/United States Groups :icontowers-of-exteria: Towers-of-Exteria
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Adora by Carnegriff

This piece gives a strong visual impact with the stark white background and the use of warm tones to form the image upon the white. The...




College has started again.  I will try to be a little bit more active than last year, but this year I'm taking more courses, which means more homework and less time to do my own things.

Exteria - Hall of Omniscience by ChronicSleeper
Exteria - Hall of Omniscience
Hall of Omniscience is the system that keeps track of who controls what towers, what factions are in play, and the people registered under the factions. No one knows how it knows this information, though there are some pretty crazy theories (ranging from DNA tracking to mysterious powers). It lies in a giant black monolith directly under the Library of Exteria, which holds the throne.

It's also a neutral zone where fighting and apprehension is not allowed. Any signs of foul play on neutral ground is subjected to immediate execution by the AI driven synthetic life forms that guard the hall.

Hall of Omniscence is located in the Central District, directly in the middle of the triangle of towers.
[Cirque Des Reves] Elodia Naberius - Withdrawn by ChronicSleeper
[Cirque Des Reves] Elodia Naberius - Withdrawn
I no longer and applying to :iconcirque-des-reves:.  However, I'd like to post my character, which I created and will be used in the future for other things other than a group that does not deserve it.  After all, the key to a good character is to create one that doesn't need to be dependent on only one environment.
[Project OK] Tanikaze Agato by ChronicSleeper
[Project OK] Tanikaze Agato
My app for :iconproject-overkill:! >v<  I hope I can get in with my friends!

[ insert extreme rolling ]



Name:  Tanikaze Agato

Nickname: N/A 

Age: 16

D.O.B: January 25th

Blood Type: AB

Height: 172 cm

Year: First

1st Choice :: Daiki Gakuen; Setter
2nd Choice :: Daiki Gakuen; Spiker
3rd Choice :: Tsuki Tomu; Setter

Number: TBA
#1 and #2 are reserved for Captain and Vice Captain

Power: (2/5)

Jumping: (3/5)

Stamina: (2/5)

Game Sense: (5/5)


Technique: (3/5)


Speed: (4/5)


------ Total : 19/19

[Point Distribution: Can be less if desired.
First Years: Must fulfill 19 Points at Max 
Second Years: Must fulfill 21 Points at Max
Third Years: Must fulfill 24 Points at Max]

Specializes: Offense

Agato specializes in tactical offense, using his intelligence to analyze the situation of the game and the positions of his teammates to support with his sets.  Though his techniques need brushing up, he is able to utilize his past experiences in volleyball to synchronize with his teammates, often looking out for them.  He knows that setting is a key roll and strives to do his best at making every set count.


-Holds grudges
-Can get offensive
-Can get petty

Agato is generally easygoing and friendly, and admires when admiration is due.  Though he is willing to work hard, hard work usually only appears when he really likes what he is doing (volleyball, certain school subjects) and consequently can be seen on the outside as a slacker.  His playful side tends to get his friends into trouble just as much as his loyalty gets them out of it.  Despite his general attitude, he tends to get overprotective of his friends, especially close ones, and may act out offensively if he ever thinks they've been wronged.  As a result he has a tendency to hold grudges for long periods of time.  

He finds lazy and superficial people annoying due to previous problems between such people and Hotaru.


Likes ::
    - Hotaru; childhood friend
    - Cute girls; who doesn't?!
    - Arcades; best way to blow allowances
    - Volleyball; best sport
    - Tsubame; best girl, ex-junior nationals volleyball player
    - Biology; best academic class
    - Cute things/sweets
    - Rock music
    - Carrots; they're crunchy and carrot cake tastes really good

Dislikes ::
    - Nagging; he gets enough from his mother
    - Being forced to do things without reason; who doesn't?
    - Bugs; Agato was traumatized by bugs because Hotaru used him as an guinea pig for his experiments
    - Lazy/Superficial people; unless proven otherwise
    - Bananas; Agato hates the taste and texture


Agato comes from an average income family with a working mother and father.  He grew up with Hotaru, the two being next door neighbors and best friends (Agato usually beating off bullies that bother Hotaru).  In elementary the two played on the same kickball team, however, after graduating, Agato went to a public school due to monetary problems while Hotaru went to a higher leveled middle school.  Despite that, the two kept in touch.

Agato had his first experience with traditional volleyball in middle school, when he watched a home game between the female volleyball team and another school's.  There he first saw Akahira Tsubame, the star setter of his school's team.  In an effort to get close to her, Agato joined the boy's volleyball team, utilizing his experience from his time in kick volleyball and quickly advancing through the team.  Tsubame noticed him and took him under her wing, mentoring him.  Under her, his skills as a setter improved drastically.  When the girl's team advanced to the junior high national championships, Agato bought a ring, intending to confess to her after the matches.  However, a serious accident during play caused Tsubame to smash her knee, crippling her and making her unable to play volleyball from then on.  Promising her that he would shine in her place, Agato began to take volleyball more seriously, practicing to become the best at his position, setter.  After graduating, Agato intended to go to a high school full of cute girls, however, Hotaru managed to convince Agato to go to the same high school as he was going.  Though he lacks in stamina and power, he has excellent speed and well honed game sense, allowing him to be a good setter.

Family members: Father (46), Mother (42), Sister: Akira  (12)

Kazuma Hotaru :: Childhood best friends, played kick volleyball against each other as kids in the same elementary class.  Though they ended up going to different middle schools, the two of them are neighbors and decided to go to the same high school.

Akahira Tsubame :: Agato's first (and current) love.  She was a third year when he entered middle school and was a part of the junior volleyball team.  After watching her play one day, he fell in love, and joined the volleyball team to get closer to her.  The two quickly became friends, as Agato's past experience with kick volleyball gave him an edge against the more greener players on the team.  Tsubame became his mentor and he improved greatly.  However, prior to the junior national championships, she severely injured and crippled her knee, causing her to be unable to play volleyball in the future.  They still regularly keep in touch, Agato sometimes bringing flowers whenever he goes to visit her.  Agato likes her a lot but is too chicken to tell her anything.

Kurosawa Yuuto :: Neighbors, introduced by Hotaru.  Has a bad habit of interrupting Agato's precious time with Hotaru, however, since he presents cake and pastries, Agato begrudgingly lets him join.

Saburo Oogata :: Senpai who Hotaru introduced to Agato.  Agato is a bit wary of the guy, as his blazing fashion sense seems to cause radioactive auras around him, burning Agato's retinas.

Hattori Jun :: Captain of the Daiki Gakuen volleyball team.  Agato admires his ability to play on the field and inspire teamwork from his members.


The white lies he tells Hotaru constantly threaten to come back and bite him on the ass.  As a result, he has a habit of threatening anyone who may or may not ruin Hotaru's 'innocence'.

His past girlfriends have all dumped him for reasons unknown to him.  He swears he treats them well! Might be partially his fault for doting on Hotaru all the time.
College has started again.  I will try to be a little bit more active than last year, but this year I'm taking more courses, which means more homework and less time to do my own things.



Jayne X.
Artist | Student
United States
Current Residence: Somewhere in America
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite photographer: zemotion
Favourite style of art: Art with meaning
Favourite cartoon character: ...

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