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Adora by Carnegriff

This piece gives a strong visual impact with the stark white background and the use of warm tones to form the image upon the white. The...




MA: Roxana Shen by ChronicSleeper
MA: Roxana Shen




"Some people - not all though - have a life that's a meaningful tale."
"If all you can describe a person as is 'nice' or 'bad', then you really don't know them at all."


Name :: Roxana Shen

Faction :: Avaritia

Nephesh ::

Deus (Left Palm)
Daemon (Gem on Neck)

Weapon ::
Magnifying Glass Spear

Age :: 16

Gender :: Female

Height :: 170 cm

Weight :: 65 kg

Nationality :: Chinese-American
(both parents are Chinese immigrants)


    Roxana was born to two Chinese immigrants that had come to America. Her father was an aerospace engineering professor while her mother was a mechanical engineer.  Because her parents often worked late, she would stay longer than other children in daycare.  To help fill up her schedule so that they didn’t have to worry about her as much and pay babysitting fees, her parents signed her up for gymnastic classes.  After the age of 7, she learned to bike to her lessons every day as she lived in a relatively safe neighborhood and the building wasn’t too far away from where she lived.  

    Her self-sufficiency made her mature faster than her peers, often causing her to be alienated.  It didn’t really bother her and she learned to fill up her time with reading and imagining herself in various worlds.  The library became her favorite place to be and she would borrow books by the boat load.  She did not develop a very good relationship with her mother due to the often authoritarian handling she had towards Roxana; her mother often tried to force her daughter into learning medicine while often berating Roxana for not being able to achieve the same things as her peers.  Much of her workplace stress was also taken out on her daughter, causing a heavy strain on their relationship.  Though her father did try to help, in the end Roxana simply avoided her mother by staying longer at the library and spending her time reading.  

    During middle school, Roxana picked up a habit of writing, often whisking herself away into imaginary worlds that she would think up during class and creating various story lines.  She would mesh her stories with things that she’d read about (especially science and things related to space and stars).  Slowly but surely, Roxana developed a following online for her writing blog, spurring her to write more.  She also became interested in the process of bookmaking and began making her own notebooks and sketchbooks.  However, this enraged her mother, who found the entire thing useless and time wasting, causing her to pull her operations underground and put up an act as a ‘stellar’ student.  She also became rather vindictive when it came to her mother and decided that she’d prove to her mother that she was everything her mother told her she was.

    Hiding out in her usual corner of the library, Roxana was working on story plots and dozed off.  When she woke up and looked for her notebook, she realized that it was gone and she was in an unfamiliar room...


Introverted | Adaptive | Strategist | Analytical | Empathetic | Independent | Critical

Roxana often appears unaffected by the world around her, taking the time to ground herself and think over things critically.  She is a rather literal person and has a hard time getting jokes and sarcasm if there is no exaggerated tone inflection or obvious indication.  However, that does not mean she is not adept in throwing her own snarky verbal barbs when incited into it.  Roxana tends to work on things by herself, making her a somewhat difficult team player, especially so when there are people who, in her mind, act unreasonable.  She seems to mesh well with people who carry similar mindsets, though.

Despite Roxana's attitude, she never for a moment thinks that life is boring.  Even if her way of enjoying the world around her is alien to her peers, she's grateful for being able to get the chance to live, and thus tries lives her life fully in her own way. 


Light Manipulation :: The ability to manipulate and bend photon particle in the atmosphere (through solidification and focusing).

  • Can make and freely manipulate compressed light objects that act as flashbangs without the ‘bang’ part when released

  • Can focus light either by mind or through a convex lens to create lasers and solid projectiles

  • Can absorb light and warp the (light based) vision around her body

  • Absorbed light can be re-emitted as light attacks or be taken into the body and turned into energy and help speed up wound healing

  • Can emit light using own energy, but is rather exhausting

  • If enough light is absorbed, it can be released in a giant high powered laser ray attack (think solar beam)

Gymnastics - Roxana’s parents placed her in gymnastic lessons since the age of 4 in order to keep her occupied without needing to watch over her as much. She stopped going to lessons when high school started, but continues to do light workouts every day. She is extremely flexible and has extremely good core muscle strength.

Wushu - Roxana grew up watching a lot of fight filled shows (such as Jackie Chan’s Adventures and Digimon) and pestered her father to let her learn martial arts.  As a result, she was able to take private lessons with a family friend who taught her wushu and became well verse in hand to hand combat, though her favorite weapon is the spear.

Bookmaking - A hobby Roxana picked up after her teacher made the class do a project on the creation and development of an object of every day use.  She found out that bookmaking was a beautiful craft and begun to try it out for herself.  She slowly became adept in binding books by hand after many disastrous attempts, even getting a part time job to pay for bookmaking supplies.



Blunt - When it comes to social situations, Roxana is somewhat careless about what she says, leading her to blurt things out without thinking.

Holds Grudges - Roxana’s grudges can last.  For years.  She still remembers stuff that happened in elementary school.  As a result, if someone manage to anger her, she will bide her time and strike back or just black mark them in her mind and refuse to interact beyond polite niceties (unless they prove to be not her first impression).

Aggressive - Roxana can get really aggressive if someone intrudes too far into something that she’s sensitive about or she believes her aggression is justified.  If she doesn’t outright strike back, she tends to get passive aggressive.

Absentminded - When Roxana gets deep into analyzing or just thinking in general, she can easily turn absentminded.  When coupled with her aloof appearance, it can make people assume that she’s just doesn’t care about what they’re talking about.

Emotionally Repressive - Roxana’s childhood of constantly being alone and being forced to grow up faster than her peers as well as not having a parent figure to really confide in has caused her to become emotionally repressive of herself.  She will often hide ‘negative’ emotions (sadness, anger, grief, loneliness, etc.) behind her neutral expression so that people don’t worry
over her.

Putting Herself Before Others - At the very bottom of her heart, Roxana believes that all people should be given a chance.  In the case of those close to her, Roxana will lower her guard almost completely, making it much easier to manipulate her than one normally would be able to if they were strangers or acquaintances.  Roxana will also place herself before those close to her and people that she see are 'victims'/'weaker' (that are not enemies).


Energy - Without a medium to focus with, lasers require three times more energy to make.

Charge - The more offensive abilities of light manipulation requires a period of gathering light.  If the light is released before enough has been gathered and compressed, the most it can do is an extremely bright flash that can temporarily blind opponents.

Focus - If Roxana is fighting hand-to-hand or with her magnifying glass spear and is engaging in full combat, her focus drastically decreases, making it hard for her to use her abilities.  At most she can do is light absorption and flashes.

Light Absorption - Other light abilities can’t be used when Roxana is absorbing light, the visibility warp only affects light based sight; other types of ‘sight’ can still detect her fine

Absence of light - if there is low/no light, Roxana’s ability is mostly useless.  She can generate her own light if needed, however it costs a large amount of energy to use offensive skills and the most she can do is create high powered flashlights or a small laser



Strategist - Roxana’s major role models include Caocao and Zhuge Liang.  Reflecting on this, she strove to be well versed in strategy, often having fun playing mind-based games like chess and go.  She usually focuses on the larger narrative - ‘big picture’ - rather than small details.

Adaptive - Resourceful and creative, Roxana is very good at figuring out clever ways to do things.

Analytical - Roxana developed an analytical mind as a child.  Due to her lack of friends, she found ways to occupy her time thinking about things and observing the world.  However, she’s often in danger of overthinking things.

Empathetic - Despite her not having the best of childhoods and emotionally repressing herself, she is very understanding of the plight of other people.  However, this unfortunately doesn’t often translate over well.

Protective - If someone manages to become a person considered as a ‘friend’, Roxana becomes extremely protective of them, but will also become uncertain if she’s ‘too clingy’ or not.

Knowledgeable - Roxana spent a large portion of her life not just reading a plethora of novels in the library, but also whatever topic that caught her interest.  As a result, she has a wide knowledge of various subjects that she constantly utilizes in her writing.  However, she often believes that her knowledge is only shallow and isn’t quite sure of herself when she talks about a topic that she’s read up on.


Fighting - Roxana can fight and isn’t locked into just one thing.  She’s quick to pick up dirty tricks if shown.  She does have spear training from wushu.

Light Absorption - though she doesn’t turn invisible, her light absorption warps and darken the area around her and in contact with her within a meter radius, increasing her evasion and energy pool.  Resulting light can be reused in light attacks or used to restore energy; however, after a set amount of time (1 hour), the energy will automatically be absorbed completely and cannot be used for light attacks.

Endurance - Competitive gymnastics and practicing wushu helped build her endurance, allowing her to be able to fight for an extended period of time

Light Blindness Immunity - Light doesn’t blind her


Roxana likes space, her father being an aerospace engineer professor who worked on technology related to space
Her hair accessories were presents from her father, they're a pair of magnifying glass hair clips that he got through a friend because he didn't know what to get his daughter; the other is a pair of faceted amber set in hair clasps
Roxana loves spicy food, esp if it's seasoned with chili peppers
She needs time for herself and will often become exhausted and irritable if she is bothered during this time
She (embarrassingly) really loves Chinese Wuxia movies and TV shows and often can really get into it (she hides it though)
Her gloves are because she gets a bit iffy about touching random strangers and certain textures (like velvet) make her cringe

Terms of Agreement:

I hereby agree that my character is an active part of the story and will accept any changes that will happen to him/her/them given that said changes were objectively designated by the admins.
College has started again.  I will try to be a little bit more active than last year, but this year I'm taking more courses, which means more homework and less time to do my own things.



Jayne X.
Artist | Student
United States
Current Residence: Somewhere in America
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite photographer: zemotion
Favourite style of art: Art with meaning
Favourite cartoon character: ...

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